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About Us

Learn How You Can Save with J2S Medical

J2S Medical is a provider of cost-effective solutions for medical products, parts and service options for hospitals and alternate healthcare providers around the world. Our leadership has over 30 years of combined industry experience and our company annually interacts with 30,000 high quality, economically priced drug administration devices, respiratory devices, enteral pumps and more.

We’re committed to supporting the healthcare community by providing niche products that are effective, economical and green. This is done by providing quality pre-owned equipment at 30-80% cost savings versus the OEM with a matched warranty and quality standard as well as expert service by certified J2S Medical technicians.



Jamie Charles | Director of Biomedical Engineering

Hired directly out of school at Cincinnati State University, Jamie has been working in the healthcare industry for 10 years. During his career he has earned several certifications from various manufacturers, allowing him to provide contract driven repair service. His attention to detail has won him the respect of customers in hospitals across the nation and has been a large part in J2S Medical’s success.

Joe Stem | Director of Operations

With 15 years in the healthcare industry and 12 years working for a medical device company, Joe holds multiple OEM certifications, has led many cross-functional teams and even studied ISO certification as a Director of Quality Assurance. It is this level of knowledge, experience and leadership that help Joe provide the best solutions possible for J2S Medical customers.