Alaris® Medsystem III Infusion Pumps

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7.875” H x 6” W x 2.10” D

5.1 pounds including pole clamp

500 ul, Neonatal 50 un

Occlusion Pressure:
15psi, Controller pressure device is 3ft H2O

Operating Temperature:
50-104° Fahrenheit

Storage Temperature:
<95° Fahrenheit

Maximum Storage Temperature:
131° Fahrenheit

Rate Range:
0.1-999 milliliter per hour (each channel)

Volume Range:
0.1-9999 milliliter (each channel)

KVO Rate Range:
0.1-20.0 milliliter per hour

System Accuracy:
0.1-999 ml/hr + 10% with a standard deviation of 1.96 under specified conditions

Administration Sets:
Use only IVAC MedSystem III Administration Sets

Power Consumption:
6 Watts AC power. Use only IVAC MedSystem III AC Adapter, Model 1555 or 1550

Main – Rechargable NiCd Battery Pack
Memory Backup – Nonrechargeable Lithium

Battery Charge:
A fully charged battery has a minimum of 6 hours running time with all channels running at 125 milliliter per hour and backlighting usage of 2 minutes per hour.

AC Adapter & Cord Length:
Model 1555, 7.5 VDC @ 1A with 10ft (3.05 meter) cord.
Model 15508.5 VDC @ 750mA with 8.5 ft (2.59 meter) cord.

AC Adapter Connector:
4 pin locking connector is standard on Model 2863. Detachable connector is standard on Model 2860.

3 amp fast-blow internal

Ground Continuity:
Maximum 0.1 ohm

Leakage Current:
Maximum 100 microamps